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Over the past year I have transitioned from a traditional web page for class schedules and updates to use of Google Classroom. While this change is working well for digital assignments and grading, it is not ideal for helping parents see our course trajectory.



Welcome to Eng 9H, your first high-school English class.  My goal is to help you make the transition from behaving/thinking/writing like a middle-school student to behaving/thinking/writing like a high-school student.

Below is a brief explanation of my expectations.

WARNING: The grade you earn in this class will be part of your graduation record.  I will expect your maturity and quality of work to be in accordance with high-school standards:

1) Attend class. I cannot recreate our group learning experiences for you individually. Do everything in your power to be here, physically and mentally.

2) Turn stuff in. Help me here. I like to spend my energy dreaming up great ways to help you learn and think. I’m not very interested in tracking down late assignments. I will not give full credit for late work (unless you knock me over with your incredibly powerful creativity and complexity of thought).

3) Do not offer excuses for missing/late work. I don’t ever want to put you in a position where you might be tempted to be less than honest with me. To this end, I do not ask you WHY something is late. “Late ball game” = “I forgot” = “I was too wound up in ‘Walking Dead’ to bother with it.” Just say “I didn’t get it done.” See me if you have extenuating circumstances (didn’t understand it, serious health or family issue, etc.).

4) Meet with me outside of class if you have questions about grades, assignments, or expectations. I’m here by 7:30 a.m.  I am available during 3re period in my room. I am available after school–but let me know you’re coming!

5) ALL work must be original and written new for this class.  You may not use work produced for other classes.  You may also not present another’s work or ideas as your own. I want to help you understand this, so if in doubt, ASK. We will also study attribution (how to give others credit) this year.

6) Expect rigor.  Remember, RIGOR = Challenging + Achievable + Engaging

7) Expect happy. By nature, I am a happy person–and I stay that way by whipping up fun ways to learn.  We will use oodles of technology, scads of group work, and a stash of lemon drops to keep everyone engaged.  You will see that I have cabbaged onto one of the biggest rooms in the school–more room for ACTIVITIES!

8) QUESTIONS? Email me any time. I’m rarely off the grid.

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