Intro to Journalism



This course is designed to teach you the basics of writing for the media.  It is a one-semester course that counts as an English credit toward AHS graduation requirements.  This class is also the prerequisite for Journalism Production and Editing, the courses that actually produce and publish the yearbook, newspaper and school broadcasts.

Please give your attention to the information presented on this page and during the first two days of class.  If my description of the course does not match your expectations, see me and we’ll get you moved to a class that better fits your needs.


Course Overview

Please note: Journalism is a writing course. If you don’t want to write, you have two options: write through the pain, or take a different class.  Journalism is all about writing.  Plan on it.

Also note:  Journalism demands working with others.  If you can’t work with others, you have two options: learn to work with others, or take a different class.  Also, group work does not mean “with my best friend.”  It means working with anyone and everyone in this class–kindly and cooperatively.  I will enforce this, and I’m bigger than you.

Final note: With our new course structure in place, Journalism students learn how to write the news.  Journalism Production students write the news.  Editors write and produce the news. There is a possibility that some of the news stories you write and pictures  you take will be used on or in the Javelin.  If you are determined to see your work in print, be sure to sign up for Journalism Production next semester!


1)     –BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT. Most of our learning will take place during class time.  Failure to make up missed work will diminish  your learning and be reflected in your grade.

2)   –BE MENTALLY PRESENT. You will be spending 48 minutes a day in this room, whether you learn or not. I suggest you learn.

3)  –Journalists hold themselves to high standards of truth and fairness. I will treat you like journalists and expect you to behave as such. Do not abuse my trust or my good nature. Your behavior reflects on AHS, the Journalism Department, and me. If you are not willing to carry this responsibility, please do not take this class.

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